children slides


In Aquakita we are engaged with the preferences and taste of our clients, is the reason we create the children slides of 26”, design especially to suit the safety of children; without taking the incredible paths and beautiful color, in which the will have unbelievable moments full of joy.  

Characteristics that can help to choose a children slides

Principal Markets

  • Residential: Many times we want to add an attraction to our own pool and there’s nothing better than a slide of 26”, it’s ideal for your kids spend many moments sliding and having fun they can be easily installed in your space and even if they are design for kids they can also be used by adults.
  • Schools, Rehabilitation Centers: They are perfect for these places dedicated to the comprehensive rehabilitation, big part of the attendance is by children.
  • Water parks any size: This small slide can be installed in places that are dedicates to the fun of the little one, you can’t wait to see their faces watching how they have their own games.

Installation Requirements

  • Space: Requires a minimum area of _____ square meters to be installed and having a maximum journey only your imagination and our experience.
  • Pool: Can be installed in any pool already constructed or a small one, according to the needs of your project we also have the option to use a brake stop using a straight line in which the velocity decreases until it makes you stop completely, without the necessity of using a pool.

Colors and theme

Many ideas and colors as your imagination can dream they will come true by our special department, no matter which one you choose, any of our models will achieve seen as a big party in your park, that no one can’t resist to use. 

Styles and sizes