About Us

We are a Mexican Company that started operations in 1987, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, dedicated to the design, construction e installation of water parks, just as the fabrication of aquatic games, attractions and accessories that are all includes.

Characteristics That Distinguish Us

  • All of our products has excellent quality, durability and beauty.
  • Our services are superior in fastness and trustworthy, understanding the necessities of our clients and maximizing their expectations.
  • We have presence in the 5 continents, exporting and in the installation of our products.
  • We had constructed an approximated of 2,500 Water Parks.
  • We are world leading in the manufacture in new technics in the process of RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding)
  • The department of logistics and embarkations, has the best process so that our timing of shipping are really precise and our merchandise arrive in excellent conditions.
  • Since the first call and during all the development of the project, we offer assessory and continued communication.
  • We are the company with the major percentage with clients that return to add new attractions.
  • Our pricings are the best and they are adequate to all the budgets, because we are more than a business company, we are a company that enjoys sharing our products to you.
  • Our clients and their dreams are the most important to us.
  • We have the most qualified staff and each one of our areas are to serve, attend and develop each and one of our projects.
  • The assessorial of our experts on feasibility so that your project can be cost effective and profitable.
  • Our work can be adapted perfectly in all the projects that are done in just one stage or many stages as you wish.
  • All of our designs are innovated and continually being refined to offer always new options.
  •  The staff in the client service are trained to assist you 24/7 without language barrier.
  • We count with sales representatives in all the continents, in which we are available to assist you personally in fact faster and surely an Aquakita Water Park near where you are located.
  • Our installation service is completely flexible, in which we adapt totally in the policy, culture and budget in any company, person or country.

The History

It begins as many successful companies, when a young entrepreneur of 17 years old starts a small business aquatic accessories of fiber glass, his labor, intelligence and great tenacity they lead him to grow quickly with strong steps, making his small company to a consolidated national branch of his native country, México. However, his desires to export all of his products with excellent quality to foreign countries, take him to begin in the international market in 1998; achieving the development of his firsts international projects in the Margarita Islands, Venezuela and Beirut, Lebanese. Since that moment they have followed a huge chain of high achievement and satisfaction, many years of continues growth in which we pass from having a small regional shop to be a factory with 300 employees with a new production factory of 30,000 meters square and making us one of the first options in an international level, having a successful presence in all the continents. Without a doubt the work had been hard but our professionalism and the desire to continue growing with the preference of our clients they give us strength to keep in constant development having the compromise to always offer the best products, innovating our designs searching a better technology, materials and capacitation to the human resource. 

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Our world leading company in manufactory e installation in aquatic parks, has the dream to contribute to the development of a better society, creating and transforming common places in spaces, where the family values bond and friendship through a healthy fun. Also to create a better quality in the lives of our clients and employees, by creating thousands of jobs direct and indirect in an international level.


To be a world leading company in the creation of aquatic parks, making, commercializing and to distributing all the accessories and services that imply for it, taking them to all the places around the world, no matter how big or distance.


Aquakita began as a small company, with strict values in which they are impress in every process and instilling values in each employee, so that they can be reflected in their projects. That for us id to be: 

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Taking care our environment searching material and fabrication options that do not damage our planet, installing games that guaranty safety to all the users, shipping all the projects in time.


Offer our clients the project that adequate to their needs, to recognize the strength and weaknesses in each person or company including the ones of our competence, knowing and accepting our capacities and limitations.


Is to offer just prices, pay adequate salaries to our employees, helping to contact our client and providers with the only interest of the self-service.


Is to understand and accept the different way of thinking, act and feel our employees and clients; adequate working under the rules of every entity.


Water World

General objectives:

Attractions fabrication and articles to water parks of the best quality, offering an integral service to the clients. Which will indicate since the first communication with the company and will involve the excellence in all the process and the departments that are involved in making a project all the way through the shipping.

Aquaracer Water Slides - Whirlpool

Particular Objectives:

  • Service: In continual search of the best tools of communication, so that no matter the distance we can offer a personalize attention and fast in all the departments with the necessities of each client.
  • Capacitation: The continue preparation of all the employees to achieve the excellence in each one of the work areas, to give an especial emphasis in the community services.
  • Quality and Manufacture: The fabrication of products with the prime materials with high quality, and can be available around the global market, using the latest technology advances and machinery, to offer the clients the best aquatic games and accessories related to their parks.