Aquakita Services

Water Park Manufacturing Process

Feasibility Study

Every great project success requires a previous analysis in order to assure its viability.

This is why here in Aquakita we have an specialized department in charge of performing the feasibility research that offers our valuable customers all the necessary tools to get a correct diagnose of their needs, that will help them to take the best investment decision.

The feasibility research will bring us accurate date to project a park in a specific location; such as, the amount of visitors who will come in regular and vacational periods, with the determination if the park will operate the whole year or just in certain seasons.  And regarding that which would be the best decision to take. Also their ages and therefore their preferences, with that we will know which are the adequate attractions, the economic status, who will suggest the admission cost, among many other aspects that are essential to know and that would provide us very important information for your waterpark development. Definitely a Feasibility Research is a very useful tool which is worth investing.

Master Planning

The Master Planning is a study that gathers all the stages of each one of the areas for a better development in your Aquatic Park, where you will visualize all the procedures in a integral and subsequent way, allowing you a organize construction, including the concept of the project, until the first day of operations.

Incorporating this plan the order of all the process of design like: engineering, architecture, theming, aquatic games and feasibility, you will have all the necessary instrument to achieve a successful Aquatic Park, is your decision to make a total or partial investment. If your option is to grow through the years, the Master Planning in each phase perfectly will stablish do that your park can start operations and the following ones can construct by itself, without any problem for the visitors and at the all they will look part of the same concept. This is a service that Aquakita, recommends strongly, because in the end is an inversion that helps the development of your project in a precisely way, in which it will minimize delays and it helps to your budget.


Design - Aquakita Services

The design is the starting point in our aquatic parks, it’s the reason that Aquakita we have focused to have the best qualified creative team for this department. Each one of our expertise brings their talent to the team individually, but with the same objective, that is to create the most incredible and fun park with exciting attractions in an ideal setting that makes your visit an unforgettable experience.

Our graphic designers had worked in a long list of projects around the world, achieving conceptualize every detail, from the basic and traditional, to the  development of unique attractions on the market.


One of the pillars of our company is our engineering department. The engineering department consists of highly qualified staff, with deep understanding of structural calculations, hydraulic systems and manufacturing processes. Thanks to this, AQUAKITA can ensure correct and accurate operation of all the elements of our water parks.

In AQUAKITA, our engineering concept of waterpark is based on an innovative design with advanced technology, where water slides, figures and other attractions offer maximum variety, capacity, security and good safe fun, elements that together guarantee a profitable investment.

Our engineers maximize the variety, capacity, security and entertainment, factors that make the project a success. All this not forgetting the availability of space, the geographical area and the climate where the water park will be developed.


Manufacturing - Aquakita Services

In Aquakita we are searching the best and most recent equipment, materials and process of production with the best quality, with those we construct the greatest aquatic parks in the international market.

To achieve this compromise in Aquakita, we look at two important aspects:

Prime Materials:

Thanks to international commerce, we have acquired the best international inputs worldwide, thereby achieving better durability, beauty and resistance in all our products.

Machinery and Processes


Just like any other category, also the classic fabrication of slides there are mayor technological advances that allow us to produced them with better resistance, best finishes in shortest time. Providing all this benefits to our clients, with mayor security, duration and optimize their budgets.


In recent years and investigating we adapt the process of RTM (Resin Transfer Molding), is an optional excellence for the production in our slides.

The Process of RTM, for the fabrication of plastic pieces reinforce with fiber glass, is a close mold where the injection is made, with the exact materials and quantities to a mold perfectly calibrated, giving a result with perfect pieces and innovated attributes, among which stands out:

  • The two faces of the game are completely flat, giving them a unique beauty and with the facility the cleaning.
  • The thickness is totally uniform in all the body of the piece and consequently all the pieces of the game.
  • The unions are perfect, that facilitates the installation and the timing is lower.
  • The fabrication process is faster, and our shipping periods are they are the best internationally.
  • Mayor resistance in the structure.
  • Longer durability and resistance in the external agents like the sun, bleach and the corrosion.
  • Clean technology, reducing significantly the material wastes, helping to offer better prices and taking care of the environment.

Thanks together to these details and the Mexican labor, which is considerate as the one of the best in the world, our slides had been named as the pioniers in the new age of aquatic games, with recognitions many times with international prices.


Other phase very important for the Aquatic Parks is the CONSTRUCTION work, is the reason why here in Aquakita, offer you this service for the construction of pools, lakes, platforms, stores, restaurants, etc. Our personal has the capacitation to go any part of the world and coordinate the subcontracting the local personal, whichever is more convenient for the construction of your project.


We know this is a subject of concern to our customers, in particular, with the installation; that is why here in Aquakita, emphasizes in the recruitment of the personal in this Department, searching for people who can develop multiple skills and expertise, to train them in each and one of the departments in the fabrication of the games, in order to gather all the correct training in all the involving areas, so later on they can work with no problems anywhere in the world despite the different languages. Once the approbation of the training in a lapse approximately 5 years, they become part of the fleet of installers who have represented us in the five continents.


The installation has 4 principal components: material, hand work, montage equipment and supervision; according to the necessities of each individual project, we have grouped them in three, that we will explain briefly, they can be so unique that only can be defined according to the particular project, but is very important to us, that you need to have in consideration that how we work is flexible and personalize.

 1.- Total.  

Just as the name precise it, includes everything to implement your attractions, material, workforce, montage equipment and supervision. This kind of installations we recommend to the people who has no experience in this field, also to the ones who doesn’t want to get involve in the process, for the reasons such as time, distance or any other circumstance.

2.- Partial: 

This type of installation works together in all and some components aforementioned, and we recommend it to the people who has the access to the montage equipment or materials, and for those who already have staff in the areas that are require.

3.- Assessorial. 

The assessorial is highly recommended for companies and experienced persons in the fields related to the installations of the games, and for many of our recurrent customers, that every year add new attractions to their parks, is the case that they only need the instruction manual and the assessorial to take over the whole process.


Theming - Aquakita Services

The Aquakita theming specialist team with a careful selection of the material, achieves to transform dreams into real artwork, creating environments that will transport you in time and space to real and fantastic places, but always creating incredible scenes making your waterpark enviably attractive.

Your project theming will help you to give your waterpark a unique personality to achieve an unforgettable and highly recommendable experience, either it’s built in the whole park or in small zones you want to give them your hallmark.

Our international experience has consolidated us as an Avant-Garde enterprise in the theming area.


Start-Up - Aquakita Services

In Aquakita we realized that there’s investment that can be translated into tranquility.

That’s why we decided to create a department with specialized professionals in finding the link between the install ending and the waterpark opening.

This service is in charge of controlling and supervising all the elements and checkpoints so you can be sure that your waterpark will be fully operational on the startup day and you just worry about capturing joyful moments.

Accessories and equipment

To complement our services for you, we have a variety of products.

Where we can make a pirate área or an área of forest, we can make a complete wáter park with rest areas and food areas.

We also can make pools whit lazy rivers and wave pool, we have accessories to clean the areas where this wastevers.

We have the wáter pumps and filtering, to the pool require.

Post Sale

The Post-Sales Maintenance department has as primary goals to maintain the games and attractions in perfect conditions, keeping them as brand new as well as it’s correct operation to guarantee our visitors security.

Our specialists in addition to be trained on waterparks maintenance and supervision they’re always aware of new products and to suggest you the best moment you can go and increase the number of games and attractions to keep your park active and in force in public taste.

From this point on, we keep post sale contact for updates and maintenance.