Kid Areas


Thanks to our areas for children they are made with the best materials and technology, we have achieved to be the favorite in the countless water parks worldwide. Slides tailor-made, pools, cascades, giant animals, fountains, sand castles, just to mentions some of them, it’s a whole paradise the children’s area that guarantees unlimited fun and the tranquility to their parents that are in a safe place enjoying every instant of their stay in the park.

Characteristics that can help to choose an area for children

Principal Markets

  • Water parks: Regardless of the size of your facility, you will always receive the smaller people of the family and it is essential to have a space where they can enjoy freedom and security. That’s the reason that we dedicated ourselves to design and made beautiful areas full of colors and games for the smaller one. These areas are constructed depending on your space and specific needs.
  • Hotels and big water complexes: In general, this kind of parks are used for vacations and the kids are the main guests. Aquakita has develop many beautiful options in which the little ones can enjoy many hours while the rest of the family participates in the rest of the areas. We can achieve such beautiful areas that they look like a mini-park inside your enormous amusement park.
  • Update projects or Extension: There’s nothing better to add an area focus to the kids, remember the they are the center of attention and the ones that will help you to bring more public to your park.

Installation Requirements

  • Space: Requires a minimum area of 15 square meters to be installed and having a maximum journey only your imagination and our experience.
  • Pool: Special specifications are required according to the size of the interactive, sometimes they can be adapted in the kids pool.

Colors and theme

Many ideas and colors as your imagination can dream they will came true by our special department, no matter which one you choose, any of our models will achieve seen as a big party in your park, that no one can’t resist to use. 

Styles and sizes