figure slides


Can you imagine the face of happiness of a child sliding in our figure slides, like in the mouth of a frog, or a pelican or traveling around the body of an elephant? Here in Aquakita we have incredible options of Slides Figures, with different forms and sizes and they can be perfectly adequate to any children’s area creating a joyful space. 

Characteristics that can help to choose a figures slides

Principal Markets

  • Residential: Many times we want to add an attraction to our own pool and there’s nothing better than a figure of small or medium size. Ideal for your kids spend long time having fun in the slides.
  • Schools, Rehabilitation Centers: All these years we have installed a big amount of attractions, they’re perfect for these places is where the little one start to getting to know heights and speed. They are perfect for these places dedicated to the comprehensive rehabilitation, and the results are magnificent.
  • Water parks any size: Either a big elephant or a beautiful butterfly, or any other shape they will always make the children happy or the ones who seen them from the far. That is way these figures included in the pools from most of our customers.

Installation Requirements

  • Space: We offer you different sizes, one of them is the smallest is the fish that its base is 4.20 m, and practically can be in any place. To know more options we suggest to check out our attachment in where you can see the specifications of each figure.
  • Pool: Requires a deep pool.

Styles and sizes