Raft Slides


The water slide boat always has a result as a popular attraction because its ability to raise a couple of people in the same ride, increasing the fun and friendship; these water slides boats allowed an easier operation faster and decreases the waiting time in line as the result of using a double boarding ramp.

The designs and smooth colors or combine of the water boat slides, will attract a big audience of all kind: families that want to have fun together or a group of friends who wishes to have unforgettable memories.

Characteristics that can help to choose raft slide.

Principal Markets

  • Water Parks small and medium size: This game of big size that can transport several people in a ride, it’s ideal to be installed in a park that has high seasons with high number of attendants. Is one of those attractions that you don’t know who have more fun, the one who rides it or the spectators. The diversity of colors and courses in which can be manufactured will guaranty the success of any project.
  • Hotels and big water parks: Our water boat slides are recommended for places with a big number of visitants that wish to offer a more family-style environment, since each ride takes a pair of people thereby helping the relief in hours or peak seasons. The incredible journeys and lengths are design especially so that this attraction can be used a thousand times without losing its appeal.
  • Remodeling projects or Extension: It is always advisable to be renewing your park attractions, so that your visitants continue frequenting and recommending as the best fun option, and there´s nothing better to ride an incredible slide in where all your visitors will enjoy of exciting rides in pairs, we assure that is a great investment option.

Installation Recommendations

  • Space: The slide requires a minimum area of 320 meters square for its installation and having a maximum journey only your imagination and our experience.
  • Output tower: as the names mentions it the tower can be manufactured in different materials, and which may leave one or more games of the same style or different shapes; from the same or different heights. When a project is a remodeling, there’s a possibility that can be adequate them to the existing ones, that helps to take care of your investment.
  • Hill: Because of the great versatility these slides, the can also be install over a hillside, creating a different and special style.
  • Pool: In a pool that it’s already constructed can be used. Or well, we can construct a small pool according to the needs of your project, we have the option to use a brake channel, that is a straight line in which the velocity goes slowing down until it makes you stop for complete, without leaving out the use of a pool.


It´s important to mention that thanks to our procedures and materials, the games will always have a shine and texture like no other, the years will pass but the colors will stay the same as new. We have a big gamma of colors where there’s an infinity of beautiful combinations, according to your logo, place or theme, standing out your water park with this great attraction.

Raft slides 58”

This game is made with the RTM process, can be closed or open also can be ride with a tube for 1 or 2 people.



Technical Specifications
Length20m to 75m
Slope10% to 12%
Capacity80 people/hr
Hydraulic Requirements1000 gal/min

Raft slides 67”

This game is made with the RTM process, it’s open and the shape is slightly square, can be use with a tube for 1 or 2 people. 



Technical Specifications
Length75m to 140m
Slope10% to 12%
Capacity120 people/hr
Hydraulic Requirements1200 gal/min

Raft slides 84”

This game is made with the RTM process, the style is open and can be use with a tube for 1 or 2 people.



Technical Specifications
Length75m to 140m
Slope10% to 12%
Capacity120 people/hr
Hydraulic Requirements1500 gal/min